Egypt & Jordan Tour Packages

10 Days Egypt & Jordan Travel Package

Marvel pyramids of Egypt and temples on Nile before...

12 Days Egypt Nile Cruise & Jordan Tour

Immerse yourself in the timeless treasures of two historical...

7 Days Egypt & Jordan Short Package

Discover ancient wonders and explore legendary sites on this...

14 Days Egypt & Jordan Highlights Tour

Explore Pyramids, cruise Nile, relax Sharm and visit Petra...

15 Days Egypt & Jordan Tours, Cairo, Nile Cruise, Dahab

Discover Egypt and Jordan through this 15 day tour...

Step into a realm of wonders, tales and magnificent beauty with Travel Joy Egypt’s curated tours of Egypt and Jordan. These entrancing lands come alive with ancient civilizations, intriguing atmospheres and dramatic vistas awaiting discovery. From the colossal pyramids of Giza to the rose-hued city of Petra carved into rock, immerse yourself in cultural treasures and natural splendors like nowhere else.

Sail through history in Cairo, peering up at the last remaining wonder – the Great Pyramids and mighty Sphinx. Embark on a luxurious 3-night yacht trip along the mystical Nile, taking in pastoral scenes and relaxing under starry skies. In Jordan, marvel at Petra’s ornate facades seemingly growing from mountains. Savour Bedouin hospitality in biblical Wadi Rum at sunset. Recharge in the ethereal tranquility of the Dead Sea.

A 16-day odyssey unveils mesmerizing landmarks, vivacious local flavours and eternal charms. From pharaonic treasures and temples to scenes of tranquil oases, Jordan and Egypt illuminate humankind’s incredible achievements over millennia. Beyond picturesque vistas and artifacts of antiquity lies cultures nourishing the soul with grace, art and warmth at every turn.

Browse our handcrafted itineraries and embark on a journey beyond the ordinary through magical lands, people and stories with Travel Joy Egypt. Egypt and Jordan await to captivate your heart and mind with their splendors for many sunrises to come.

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